Dutch Update!

It’s been a while since I gave this some attention.  This is mostly because I haven’t been giving enough attention to my drawing.  I moved to Amsterdam in April, so a lot of my time during the past few months since the last post went into preparing to move to a new country, and then transitioning to my new life here.  Now that I am relatively settled-in, I can hopefully use my time to travel and develop my ideas!  I’ve found an atelier where I can do life drawing on week nights, and I will spend as much of my spare time as possible sketching.  Here are some recent sketches from the last month.  I am trying to keep my sketches more raw and alive now.  I think when I render them too much like the drawing in my previous post, the drawing just becomes dead and boring.


One thought on “Dutch Update!

  1. Hey Ben, Jolly good work. I like what you say about keeping the vigor in your work. Saw some figure drawings you did with charcoal that were very muscular in your application. Haven’t been to Amsterdam but what I’ve heard sounds way stimulating. Keep up the good work.

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