August Self-Portrait

Starting to use Conte crayons a lot more because they’re allowing me to get really dark blacks, which gives me better contrast.  It’s more messy than the Cretacolor graphite stick I use with it but that lets me enjoy smearing it around with my fingers to render the values.

Today I just finished listening to the audiobook “The 4-Hr Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, which is basically about “What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about money?”  I recognized an unexpected parrallel between this book and the other book I am currently reading- “The Queen of the Damned” by Anne Rice.  The vampires in this novel are immortal and some have lived for quite a few centuries.  During this time, they’ve amassed enough fortune that commerce and the accumulation of new wealth, if needed, are trivial things to them.  Anne Rice has done an excellent job describing what this must be like from an immortal vampire’s perspective, and Tim Ferriss like-wise is superb at putting this question in perspective for the rest of us mortals in the rat race.  It was also cool to find that I had figured out some of the breakthroughs that Mr. Ferriss advises on my own already, which in part has lead me on this new adventure in Amsterdam. I recommend reading both to give you the broadest understanding.


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