Sept SP

Well, here is what I got. Another Self-portrait. I don’t want this blog to just be comprised of these, but that’s how it’s been going so far. I just finished 6 weeks of crunch-time, worked over 160 hours of OT, and only had my first day off in a month on Monday- so that’s my excuse. But from now on no more excuses. I’m going to roll with the punches and create a routine that let’s me produce a new portfolio, which you will see develop before your shiny eyes if you keep checking this blog. And also, I have an new idea to keep this blog updated on a daily basis. More to come on that.


2 thoughts on “Sept SP

  1. hey ben,
    missing life drawing 2 weeks in a row? whats going on?? haha.
    really like the last 2 self portraits… is the latest one also done with crayon?
    looking forward to see new stuff on your blog!

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