Bookend Progress 6

Finally attacked the color today….. alot of relearning and new learning to do.  Before this pass, in grayscale, I have been able to paint alla prima, but now I have several layers in the file.  I still would like to take this a lot further if I can find the patience and the way.


Edit: In an effort to be more scientific and methodical, I’ve decided to write some things down here.

List of things I see to do to bring this design further:

– add wasps, some clinging onto the hive, so in air flying

– more color (possibly blue or red in tail)

– more texture in tail/ wasp-stripe pattern on tail/ clarify different materials

– final polish, highlights, focus points

-background- integration with creature/ floor plane with cast shadow

The reason I am doing this is because I realized I have reached this point in the past and it is perhaps the turning-point for where my past illustrations have failed for me.  In other words, I need to figure out a method for progression from this point on.  Ideally I would hope that by this point the design and the values for the creature were already nailed down.  But I have already been adjusting the value ranges while doing the color pass.  In the past I may have just stuck with what I had now, but I think that was out of stubborness and impatience.  Here is a list of possible design changes I may still implement:

– add incandescent areas to the creature (and figure out why it needs them)

– add detail to the head such as antennas; clarify eyes

– give the creature double (dragonfly) wings (afterall, this is the hive queen- she should look functional and distinct)

This being said, I already think I have entered the uncanny valley of beating dead horses with this piece.  Once again, I feel like I have over-rendered it.  I originally wanted it to still have a raw, sketchy feel to it that the inital concept sketch had.  I want my concepts to have a grittiness to them as though they are purely inspired, instantaneous snapshots of my imagination.  But then again, the original concept sketch for this creature is vastly different from what I have now.  It was a sketch from my stream of consciousness.  I didn’t even know that it was going to be a creature when I drew it.  And I want to be able to take these undirected sketches and turn them into designs with meaning.  So I suppose now I need to find a way to still retain the vitality of the initial sketch after it is no longer a sketch.


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