Reading in the Sun

I haven’t given my concept painting any attention the last couple of days, and the Christmas card was a fail.  Where does the time go?  Instead I’ve been going to the beach to skimboard and reading alot.  Since I’ve been in Florida I’ve read “The Anti-Capitalist Mentaility” by Mises, “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Mandino, and I’m about to wrap up “Life in Ancient Rome” by Cowell- I couldn’t resist reading some books on Economics and History from my Dad’s library!  Going to take a few back with me to Amsterdam… there’s just too many books I need to read, to many games I need to play, and too many things in my head I need to create!  Speaking of games, I’ve picked up a few here- Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (I’ve just started it and it’s fricken hard!), Army of Two, Prince of Persia, and Kane & Lynch.  Also got the new Tomb Raider from my friend Ed Lee who worked on it, and a copy of Killzone: Liberation.



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