Hive Queen Mockup 1

Made a mock-up from the Bookend concept in Maya.  I decided to see how it looks in 3D before progressing further with the concept.  In the process I was able to make some positive changes to the creature’s design- the legs have more variation in thickness, the end of the tail has a stinger, the head was moved forward (so it can see!) and some arms were added so it could feed it’s mouth (seems like common sense stuff but was overlooked before.)  Where does the food go?  I added an abdomen section to serve as it’s tummy (and typical game weak spot).  The hive will grow out from around the tummy, and perhaps all the larvae are fed via circulation from the stomach.  And now I’m reconsidering the shape/ construction of the hive.  I’ll see if there’s anything else I want to change in the 3D model, then go back and finish the concept.  After that, my plan is to model this creature again- but all proper using Zbrush!



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