langs in de vallei

If you look at this blog thoroughly you will get the impression that I primarily work in black and white with pen.  For the time being I will be, because this blog is all about me turning the pages of my sketchbook, and working in pen and keeping my options minimal is the best means for me to keep doing that.  This blog is also about me clearing out my mind on paper and getting down the ideas and stream of conscious shapes that are in there.  Occasionally I will go on a tangent and venture into value and color and take some of these sketches further into development.  Eventually I want to have enough time to really, truly explore their full potential, but this seems to be the limits of what I can push myself to do outside of work.  I will keep pushing myself though- you see, there are virtues to being stubborn.

I finished my latest sketchbook at the Waterhole last night.  That is one of the bars we tend to frequent after work.  I did these sketches in the span of 3-4 hrs.  The sketchbook took me a little less than 2 months to complete.  Flipping through it, I think I made progress with my environments.  The whole sketchbook was devoted to these quick environment sketches, and there were a couple obvious breakthroughs where I made some revelations about sketching them.  So I feel good about that and will keep the pursuit.  Once you let loose with environments a little bit they are alot more fun!  And being an environment artist for 5+ years now, I know I have something unique to contribute to environment concepts that exclusively 2D artists don’t have….. it just may not be obvious yet.



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