moravsky krumlov

so we figured out how to get the train to this town.  we couldn’t find the times for the museum anywhere on the internet.  When we finally reached the museum it was 4:30- it had just closed at 4- so we were stuck in the czech sticks because mucha is such a convincing badass for the night… it ended up being a great time.  walked around the town a bit- not much to see, didn’t seem like much was going on, so we went into this bar to sketch and met this group of punks there.  there was a jukebox there- the first proper jukebox i have seen in europe- and punk rock was blasting all night.  these guys ended up being the most bonafide punks i have ever met and they were really hospitable and truly just happy to meet some people from outside their town.  they didn’t know english very well and it was the first experience i’ve had in europe where I felt like such a stranger from the outside.  we really were in a place that not many visitors go to.



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