journey to budapest

spent the morning in vienna.  shipped some posters from the slav epic museum on our way to the west train station.  the train to budapest was very modern, but i had the impression that budapest was going to be a bit sketchy.  when we arrived at the train station there were a lot of hustlers.  we didn’t want to change money at the train station because it just felt too crowded and dodgey.  so we got out of there, found out which way to go to the Danube River, and started walking.  changed our money on the way/ got 29400 Magyar money for 100 EUR, so a bit of inflation as every euro is worth 300.  as we walked to the Danube it felt like there was this layer of decay on everything and we were breathing smog.  once we got to the river and found the area where our hostel was it was obviously a much cleaner and touristy part, but we still had this bad impression.  Once we got to our hostel our feeling completely switched around though.  Its like living in a really nice house and its run by some cool Aussies who’ve been giving us tips and suggestions for where to go.  It quickly became apparent that there was a lot to do in Budapest and we may have to spend an extra night here.



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