went to the caving yesterday and it was a great experience, although i don’t know if i would do it again.  its definitely a test for yourself.  you have to stay calm and do some really uncomfortable things to squeeze through some of the paths in the caves.  met some cool people in our group of aussies, americans and kiwis and had some beers with them afterwards.  our caving guide was really eccentric and told us really bad jokes during the journey- kind of reminded me of borat- and he liked to show off to us how great of a cave explorer he was, but it was cool because you could tell he was truly passionate about the caving lifestyle he lived.  a few times when you are pinned inside a shaft of rock trying to push yourself through with your toes you question why you are doing this, but it was such a different experience and you realize once it is over that it is probably not as bad as your mind makes it out to be.  so we are leaving our hostel now, going to the turkish baths and then catching a train to venice.  from there we’ll tour around italy a bit and make our way back to amsterdam, possibly via paris, in time for queen’s night.  we might make a trip to Bolzano and check out the ICE MAN.



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