the journey from budapest to rome

checked out of our hostel in budapest and walked to the big park in the city where there is this plaza full of some of the sickest statues ever assembled together into a monument- featuring Arpad the original Magyar unifier-king and other key historic Hungarian figures spanning the centuries.  took lots of pictures then ventured over to this castle near-by where there is this other cool statue called The Statue of the Anonymous.  Then made it to the Turkish Baths there and enjoyed that for just an hour before we had to head over to the train statue.

took the night train from Budapest all the way to Venice- arrived there around 7 this morning.  it gave us the chance to see the city wake up and become a huge floating tourist resort city.  walked around the city from 7- 4 and really got to see a lot of it.  its such a unique place but 9 hrs of wandering really did feel like enough, especially since we were hauling all our stuff with us the whole time and it was packed with tourists.  this is the second time i have been to venice now, and every time i leave i feel like i missed something but don’t know what it is…. but i suspect there probably isn’t anything- that is it.

got on the train again and got to rome around 9pm.  have a nice room in a hostel near termini train station now.  tomorrow i may go to st. peter’s basilica and then check out this castle near-by.  the castle is connected to vatican city by a via duct and the popes used to flee there for safety during hard times supposedly  i also want to see the Tiber river this time and get a better idea of the layout of the city and how it’s nightlife is.  this is also my second visit to rome and it was previously the most disappointing of all the cities i visited, but i am going to give it a second chance!



One thought on “the journey from budapest to rome

  1. haha, its funny that you mention the st peters basilic and castle D’Angelo. I finished reading angels and demons by dan brown today and those are some main locations in the book.

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