musee rodin

earlier this month i had a week vacation with my family.  they visited me in amsterdam, and for a few days we stayed in paris.  this was my third visit to paris, and it is still one of my favorite cities.  paris may be vast, touristy, and unfriendly, but it is also a beautiful city.  everywhere you look you see something magnificent, the remnants of a once great empire, but unlike other capitals of once great empires (rome, byzantium) this city has not had its wealth stripped away from it over time.  at least, that is my impression.

so it was my plan for this third visit to paris to see the musee rodin and the musee gustave moreau.  i was disappointed that i had not managed to see them the last trip, but they also gave me something to look forward to for this visit.  and even though i was miserably sick on this trip, i still managed to go to both of these museums.  and, as it turns out, our hotel was right next to the musee delacroix.  so one morning i walked with my parents to that as well.  all three of places can be an great intimate, inspirational experience.  you get to see the works of the artists in the places where they worked.  here are some pictures from the musee rodin:












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