This is a concept for a creature I made in Metroid Prime 3.  During the end of production there was not enough time to do a proper concept.  In fact, it was mostly modeled and designed based on the in-game camera, since this encounter was very unusual/ never-been-done before.  Even though you don’t really get to see the entire creature, there was more thought behind it’s design (something we strived to do at Retro) and I finally got around to make a proper concept to explain it. 

It’s called the Aazelion- a mole/ ant-lion-like monster that lives on the planet Phaaze. It uses its long whiskers to root and suspend itself into the side of a chasm. It’s rasping front claws and teeth fingers help it to capture and feed on anything that falls or ventures into the chasm.

note: you can see that I changed the creature somewhat in the concept.  Originally you had to shoot all the eyes to escape this guy, but in the end that gameplay was abandoned in favor of just shooting it’s mouth.  So I got rid of all the tacky eyes.

in-game screenshots:


2 thoughts on “Aazelion

  1. Looks very awesome! Thanks for giving off this info! MP3 was one of my favorite games (if not THE) and the one thing I wish was done more was exploring the environment and creatures of Phaaze. 🙂

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