figure enhancement LXXVI

This is from my first figure drawing session of 2011, at the Westerdok atelier last night.  The model is an Italian dancer, and she had some really strong, beautiful poses.  However, some were also difficult for her to hold.  So some of my attempts were ruined, but I still managed to capture a few of her well enough to make it feel like a productive night!


2 thoughts on “figure enhancement LXXVI

  1. I love these drawings. As a male model I always aspire to make my poses as interesting as possible. One must be sure that he can maintain them, though. Any suggestion of pose for you males when they pose. Especially when they’re older and not 25 yo body builders?

  2. For male models, I like to have masculine poses, so an emphasis on action (you could imply some sort of physical labor or struggle). No reclining poses where it looks like you are relaxing at the park or beach. Instead you are taking a break after a long trek, or taking a moment at the end of a tough day to process your thoughts, or looking at a map to plan your strategy.

    As for making the poses as interesting as possible- always try to push the edge of what you think is your limit, so you continuously expand it. Always keep in mind if you are bending or twisting your torso, how asymmetrical your pose is to the artist, what parts of your pose are overlapping or foreshortened in the artists’ views.

    Usually when a pose is very symmetrical, just bending an arm or holding it across your body, or slightly turning your head can make it more interesting and also the focus of the gesture. I don’t think age should matter, except think of yourself as a character in the age bracket.

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