the resuscitated messenger

“If you want to send a message, use Western Union.” -Sam Goldwyn (MGM)

When I heard this quote from Ian McCaig’s Visual Storytelling video yesterday, it RESONATED.  Sometimes you can just sense truth, even if it hates your conditioning.

In art school we were taught to start our story development with a message (a concept statement), and I always struggled with this process.  It was counter-intuitive to me.  In fact, to this day I still feel like this process really messed up my imagination-guts.  My inability to grasp social commentary and inflict epiphanic wounds upon the sheep has left me ego-dented among the pathetic cluster of eager animator-squires.

The best stories that have been formed from my brain-lava had nothing to do with any message AT FIRST.  My senior thesis animation is a testament to this… which may be why, 10 years since, I’ve been trying to make up for it’s epic failure.   Yes, I’m still piecing together the story that I had really wanted to make!

Ironically, earlier this week, I finally had a EUREKA! moment with this story.  I have solved the puzzle, all the countries fit together, the message is loud and visual!  So, let’s see if dis Satellite is ready to be galvanized!!

[ To be fair, I can only blame myself for not figuring out which story development method works the best for me, and I also believe that your life experience has more to do with your storytelling abilities than any process preached.]

below- an old page of character designs for thesis ideas:



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