I went on a short but epic trip to Oslo over the weekend.  I got to see my Uncle Tobin play in his band, Guided By Voices, at the Oyafestivalen.  I never would have predicted that one day I would fly to Norway to get to hang out with him and the rest of the guys in the band, but it was a hell of a good excuse to go and ended up being a ton of fun.  It’s only too bad he had to fly back to America the next day for another concert.  I think he would have liked the places in the city I ended up exploring too.

Fortunately for me it was perfect Scandinavian summer weather, and I really got to enjoy wandering around the city and finding nice places to chill out, take in some sun, and either listen to my music, read my book, or work on this sketch for the header for this blog:

Oslo is full of amazing architecture and sculpture.  Almost everywhere you go there is something really well-designed to check out and inspire you.  I noticed that the History Museum there had an exhibition for the Ice Man, so I ended up going there.  I’ve always wanted to go to Bolzano, in Italy, just to visit the archeological museum there that holds Otzi, but now I don’t have to, because this exhibition pretty much had everything I wanted to see, and I also bought a book that contains all the research I need for my Ice Man project.

Besides that, it was memorable to hang out on the grassy castle walls of the Akerhus Slott, with amazing views of the harbor, and also the Frognerparken, the biggest park in the city full of figurative statues.  The nightlife was awesome too, especially because I had some locals take me to places I’d never have found otherwise.  Norway is expensive but I managed to not spend more than my budget, and it actually was kind of fun to resist temptation and rough it out.  I definitely want to return to Norway and see more of its cities and nature.  Like Sweden, there is something about this place that speaks to me (at least in the summer).


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