This was my third visit to Cologne.  Once again, a growing group of my co-workers and friends used gamescom as an excuse to enjoy a long weekend in this city drinking Kölsch and eating German food.  Everytime that I go back, I like Cologne more.  It seems like the city is actually quite big and it has a lot of layers to it, and this time I made a better effort to escape the old center and explore new places, because after my two prior visits I felt like I still hadn’t gotten a grasp of the city.

This took me to the west, which seems to be more local and less touristy- Friesenplatz, Rudolfplatz, and best of all Barbarossaplatz, where we went to some bars that were reminiscent of the underground scene in Berlin.  On Saturday, the weather was cloudless and I walked all the way to the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Park and took in the sun and scenery next to where there is a beer garden and a square lake.  It was an fun trip, and I don’t know if I can wait another year before I go back there.


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