Ålborg to Göteborg

We flew to Aalborg, Denmark, partied on Jomfru Ane Gata two nights, and wandered around the city during day.  Its a humble and quiet place, and nice because it hasn’t become over-developed or too touristy.  The people there were friendly and it was actually cheaper than in Amsterdam.  I am planning to return next May for it’s annual Carnaval if I can manage it.

Next a train took us to Frederikshavn (about 1.5 hrs) and we boarded a ferry that crossed over to Gothenburg, Sweden (about 3.5 hrs).  The weather was perfect, a last bit of Scandinavian summer with hardly any clouds in the sky.  I will never forget waking up from a nap on the top deck of the ferry and seeing the amazing islands of volcanic rock around us as the boat entered the mouth of the river that Gothenburg is built upon.

The original plan was to go to Uddevalla, where my friend is from, after one night in Gothenburg.  But we ended up staying in Gothenburg an extra night because it was too much fun (and perhaps also because we were too hungover and tired from travelling so much).  My friend used to live in Gothenburg in the 90’s, and an old buddy of his met up with us and took us to some good places.  It was very cool of him to do that, as its always best to have a local show you around.

After two nights in Gothenburg, I had to fly back to Amsterdam.  I finished this sketch while I killed some time before heading to the airport:

There is definitely something about the Scandinavian countries that keeps calling me back.  I’m becoming more aware of it with every trip.  I feel this peaceful presence when I am there, like I am more connected with nature and inspired by the history and culture and society surrounding me.  It really is a shame that so many places in the world could be like Scandinavia, but they have become so developed that it ruins the possibility to be that healthy and awesome.


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