i get it

This year is going by fast, and it’s been a while since I actually sketched something, so this one is a renewed effort to make it a regular habit so I can keep posting on here.  It’s  a quick study from a movie still- only spent about an hour on it and wanted it to be the sort of cross between a cartoon and a value study that it is (values are much off, more off than I would like- I was a bit rusty).

On another note, it was personally amusing that I could guess that the actress was Dutch by recognizing the particularly awkward shapes her mouth makes when speaking English…. of course her name also gives it away.

I just got back from spending the last 10 days on an amazing trip up into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and now I’m back in Europe completely inspired and humbled by nature.  I’m going to keep riding this new wave of refreshing, brisk alpine air and focus on becoming the artist that I want to be.


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