if the world

self-portrait in my tiny sketchbook, reflected light source, 3B pencil, white ink, additional tones in Photoshop

I realized today that I spend so much free-time reading blogs on the internet.  It’s not really that its addicting so much as I get so much knowledge out of it.  My entire lifestyle for the last two years has been influenced and shaped from information I’ve pillaged from the internet.  It is an amazing resource for self-improvement in this day and age. 

My art has taken a hit from it though.  Instead of immersing myself into my personal art when I’m at home, I’ll easily find myself glued to the screen, searching and searching.  Like Neo.  Ironically, the more I read the stuff that is out there on the internet, the more I feel unplugged from the Matrix.  It’s great, but its also one of those things that’s a personal journey, and so I usually don’t share anything I’m researching unless its with a close friend who I know is on the same page with me.  Because it’s a hard pill to swallow, and most people don’t want to take it if you offer it to them.  But in case you’re curious, here’s a couple things I’ve been meddling with lately:

PALEO DIET- I’ve been intrigued with the whole idea of eating like a caveman, because the argument that our bodies have not had enough time to evolve to the agricultural diets made for the masses of today is very convincing.  So I’ve started to do it myself, and it hasn’t been so difficult because I was practically already doing it, except I have to cut out more grains, and all bread and pasta now.  I’m still going to have some oatmeal for breakfast (with honey and a scoop of pure cocao powder), and some Kefir for protein and probiotics after weightlifting.  No ice cream (this will be the toughest).  Still going to boil quinoa with most of my meals, but halve the amount and replace with vegetables, mainly mushrooms and broccoli.  Drinking less alcohol, except a glass or two of red wine after dinner is still okay (healthy for your liver).

I’ve started the good habit of cooking 2-3 meals at a time so that they’re prepared to take to work for lunch during the week.  This saves me a ton of time and money, and best of all I know I’m eating the way I want.  Usually I eat chicken or salmon for meat, but been trying new kinds of fish like cod and halibut as well.  Will keep experimenting with meats.  One thing I really like to add to the lunch meals I’ve been making is to sprinkle different kinds of seeds, almond flakes, parmesan cheese flakes, and coconut flakes onto it.  I’ve also been mixing coconut milk with my protein powder to make shakes instead of cow milk since this past week.  I think there is enough variety of different foods in the diet to keep things interesting. I’m eager to see if I notice any difference after another week or two of this.

FRUGALITY- Another thing I’ve been contemplating is living by more frugal means (once again).  Its the wise thing to do and I simply need to do it.  For a spell at least.  Its so easy to go out and blow money after work and on the weekends, but it really is keeping me from attaining a lot of my goals.  I still want to travel and be social, so I’m just going to adjust things and find a new balance- Save some dough AND keep improving my skills.


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