beyond the call

Halloween on Saturday night was a lot of fun!  Went to the Freak Show at Odeon and the peeps there were properly dressed in a ton of weird, intimidating, sexy, inspiring costumes.  It’s good to know you can have a decent Halloween in Amsterdam.

I wanted to look like a character from Brotherhood of the Wolf , but ended up more of a Viking-Pirate.  Ah well, next year I’ll put in a better effort and get it right; it’ll being easier knowing there’s real competition.

A few color tweaks to the CSS, some inks to my previous logo design, and the blog is starting to get a new look, version 3.0.  I think it’s easier on the eyes.  More updates may be forthcoming if something can be made more aesthetic.

Also scanned in Vlad again, after taking him back to the drawing and fixing some things, spent about an hour cleaning him up and adding some value:

It’s definitely not finished yet but it feels like I’m making progress.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in this place and since I’ve been able to take a piece to this level.


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