Diogenes the Cynic, of Sinope, then a Greek colony on the Black Sea in Anatolia (present-day Turkey), was a famous philosopher who rejected the conventions of his society and lived as a beggar.

Alexander the Great and Mithridates VI both admired him; I want to learn more about his philosophy.  I think if I didn’t have my job and the project I am working on now, I would probably divert from my career and use my time to travel around the world as trampishly and “diogenically” as possible, and gain that life experience.

I have found it best to completely devote myself to a project from start to finish.  With this mindset, I hope it gives me the best opportunity to work on something really great and timeless [one day].  I also believe it’s more fair to your employer to be focused this way (although this principle is a personal thing and may very well go unappreciated).

Finally got back to working on this guy, pushing the values and form with mostly lots of linear dodge layers, but unfortunately have to stop and go to sleep so I can function at work tomorrow; hopefully can get back to it tomorrow evening…


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