” We are the sum of our habits.” – Aristotle

Tonight I woke up after just a few hours’ sleep, and I believe it was because I went to sleep knowing that I had failed the day before.  Failed in the sense that I had not accomplished enough in the day nor pushed myself to do so, and it was all my own bad habits which were at fault.  So I got up and wrote down a list of goals and rules to follow in my routine; it’s a simple equation:

Focus + Discipline = Action = Flow State + Result

My goals are so close yet so far away.  I consider myself fortunate in that I am seemingly healthy and relatively successful, but I still know that I haven’t even come close to reaching my full potential.  Since I am in a position and time in my life where there is so much I can still do, the only thing holding me back is myself, my habits- basically, how efficiently I spend my time.

I want to overcome my frustration and weaknesses and go higher.

[ smart 2012 routine initiated ]


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