uneducated democracy

“ We should uphold as a principle the fact that the Government derives from the people, but oblige the people to realize that they are not fit to govern themselves.” – Jeremy Belknap

I’m starting to really consider universal suffrage as the worst idea ever for the long-term well-being of the United States.  At least it is if the majority of the people voting are both uneducated and only interested in the transfer of wealth for their short-term gain.

Without an education there is no real democracy,
Without an education there is only hypocrisy.”

In the 2012 election we have two choices and they’re both going to continue to spend money we don’t have and bomb people we don’t know.  Neither candidate will actually fix any of the problems, and yet we are supposed to vote for one of them.  No thank you, I’d rather waste my so-called vote.

Unfortunately, the system is broken and the mob is easily swayed by a cult of personality.  Somehow we’ve allowed crony capitalism to take control and there will be enough bread and circus and credit to keep the mass media manipulated, consuming masses complacent.  Idiocracy is already here, folks.

” In dire need of reason in a truly deaf nation.”

Enjoy the decline.


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