I’m very proud of these MP levels I worked on in Killzone 3.  Not only did I get to contribute a lot on them from first pass to polish and optimization, but I also really enjoyed playing them!

This is the first game I’ve worked on that I found myself playing my own levels online at home.  Even a couple years after it was released, I’d still start up KZ3 every so often and go back to these.  (Maybe I liked the homefield advantage.)

The Operations mode in Killzone 3’s multiplayer introduced story-driven gameplay that converted and divided a multiplayer level into stages.  Each stage had time-driven goals that required effective teamwork from each faction.

This mode was inspired by similar modes in Battlefield and Enemy Territory.  It added a lot of complexity to each level and was very challenging to play.  I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately it was deemed to expensive and niche.  After it was produced for 4 of the levels, no more Operations modes were added to any of the KZ3 DLC, as was originally hoped.  It’s a shame; for me this was the most enjoyable and innovative feature of Killzone 3.  And I could see it evolving even further.

Although I worked on the Environment Art for MP01 (Corinth Highway), MP05 (Frozen Dam), MP06 (Akmir Snowdrift), and MP07 (MAWLR Graveyard)- the four levels with Operations mode- I am particularly proud of MP6 and MP7.  On these levels, I had the most ownership and responsibility, and really got to build and polish them the way that I wanted, all the way to completion.

Here are some videos that show off the Environment Art, the fun gameplay, and the progression of these four maps in Operations mode:

MP06- Akmir Snowdrift (Operations)

MP07- MAWLR Graveyard (Operations)

MP01- Corinth Highway (Operations)

MP05- Frozen Dam (Operations)