pandah pandah







Drew this back in 2007 while I was reading the first three Game of Thrones books and decided today was finally the day to take it further.  I’ll have to check the colors later on another monitor because my laptop’s colors are really off.  I need to adjust the colors on my self-portrait and the janus squid pieces to actually be like what they are on this screen.

UPDATE: messed around with the contrast for a while to polish it and make it more presentable.  Still need to check it out at my monitor at work to know if it’s safe.

too late, all gone

” The more we change, everything stays the same.”


This is a reworked, color version of the Janus Squid, sketched last year at Absenta Bar, in Barcelona.

I intended to make this for New Year’s (for hopefully obvious reasons) but just got around to it.

UPDATE: This isn’t done, and the colors are way off.  My plan is to post an update to this and a few other recent paints soon.