artis zoo schetsen XXIV

It has been so long since I went to sketch the animals at Artis!  I was very rusty and only produced a couple pages which I wasn’t satisfied with.  But I decided to try a quick paintover with the Cintiq, using photo ref for a color palette, and I think I was able to resurrect them a bit, at least.


the sea of ideas


He noticed that while people were ready to make use of men who excelled at eloquence and intellectual power, they still looked on them with suspicion and constantly strove to humble their pride or to detract from their reputation.

Nicias, therefore, did his best to evade any difficult or lengthy enterprise; whenever he served as general he played for safety, and if he was successful, as he naturally often was under these conditions, he never claimed credit for any foresight, or energy, or courage on his part, but thanked his good fortune for everything and gave the glory to the gods, being well content to sacrifice his reputation in order to escape envy.

– Plutarch

a hero of our time

This is a belated contribution for the National Self Portrait Day on November 1st.  I recently watched a great video on YouTube of Jim Lee sketching Batman, and it inspired me to try a similar process; hence the dramatic lighting.

I also just finished reading Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time and it instantly become one of the favorite novels of my time.  I’ll have to read it again some day to catch even more of the deep introspective psychological topics in there which I may have missed or which I may grasp better in the future.

Ink, marker, and gouache on paper: