too late, all gone

” The more we change, everything stays the same.”


This is a reworked, color version of the Janus Squid, sketched last year at Absenta Bar, in Barcelona.

I intended to make this for New Year’s (for hopefully obvious reasons) but just got around to it.

UPDATE: This isn’t done, and the colors are way off.  My plan is to post an update to this and a few other recent paints soon.

black and white

I wanted to finish this piece today but this is as far as I got on it.  Her face needs some reconstruction.  Working out the colors and final composition right now.  Really happy with how the snake turned out- I made the render for it in Maya in less than an hour.  Going to see how it looks with a gold mosaic tile background, but not sure.

This is from a sketch I made in Bucharest.  I guess its kind of becoming a tradition of mine to make a page for each city I visit.  Even though Dracula has nothing to do with Bucharest, the story is still always associated with Romania in popular culture, and besides I was out of other ideas because the city itself didn’t have much to draw from for me.  As you can see, my version has the guy with a sort of Greek Orthodox beard.

absinth-tra the janus squid

This was drawn at the Absinthe Bar in Barcelona during a two-week trip around Europe in April.  I was starting to get sick about halfway through the trip from pushing my limits too hard and this place did me in… my neck got stiff and sore just as I was finishing this drawing; my immune system was simply overwhelmed for a few days too many and I wasn’t resting enough to help it out.  Lesson learned- because I never want to be coughing my lungs out in a hostel or hotel in Paris again.  Being sick when you’re supposed to be enjoying a vacation is miserable.