I’m very proud of these MP levels I worked on in Killzone 3.  Not only did I get to contribute a lot on them from first pass to polish and optimization, but I also really enjoyed playing them!

This is the first game I’ve worked on that I found myself playing my own levels online at home.  Even a couple years after it was released, I’d still start up KZ3 every so often and go back to these.  (Maybe I liked the homefield advantage.)

The Operations mode in Killzone 3’s multiplayer introduced story-driven gameplay that converted and divided a multiplayer level into stages.  Each stage had time-driven goals that required effective teamwork from each faction.

This mode was inspired by similar modes in Battlefield and Enemy Territory.  It added a lot of complexity to each level and was very challenging to play.  I absolutely loved it, but unfortunately it was deemed to expensive and niche.  After it was produced for 4 of the levels, no more Operations modes were added to any of the KZ3 DLC, as was originally hoped.  It’s a shame; for me this was the most enjoyable and innovative feature of Killzone 3.  And I could see it evolving even further.

Although I worked on the Environment Art for MP01 (Corinth Highway), MP05 (Frozen Dam), MP06 (Akmir Snowdrift), and MP07 (MAWLR Graveyard)- the four levels with Operations mode- I am particularly proud of MP6 and MP7.  On these levels, I had the most ownership and responsibility, and really got to build and polish them the way that I wanted, all the way to completion.

Here are some videos that show off the Environment Art, the fun gameplay, and the progression of these four maps in Operations mode:

MP06- Akmir Snowdrift (Operations)

MP07- MAWLR Graveyard (Operations)

MP01- Corinth Highway (Operations)

MP05- Frozen Dam (Operations)

a hero of our time

This is a belated contribution for the National Self Portrait Day on November 1st.  I recently watched a great video on YouTube of Jim Lee sketching Batman, and it inspired me to try a similar process; hence the dramatic lighting.

I also just finished reading Mikhail Lermontov’s A Hero of Our Time and it instantly become one of the favorite novels of my time.  I’ll have to read it again some day to catch even more of the deep introspective psychological topics in there which I may have missed or which I may grasp better in the future.

Ink, marker, and gouache on paper: